Krita Secrets Changelog

This is the history of Krita Secrets e-book


New sections:

  • Resize imported image
  • Put layer on a plane
  • Fade one image into another
  • Keep aspect ratio while scaling
  • Move layer to another painting
  • Colorize mask: faster toggles
  • Remove single reference image
  • Crop image to single layer content
  • Adjust layer color
  • Brushstroke a Path
  • Double text outline: Anime style
  • Change Vanishing point lines color
  • Make Layer Black and White
  • Export scaled pixel art
  • Transform multiple layers at the same time
  • Merge multiple layers into one
  • Make a selection from visible pixels
  • Fill regions on separate layer
  • Map gradient to grayscale image
  • Resize canvas, not the image


Reworked sections:

  • Two point perspective
  • Close Image: better wording
  • Fixed wording in 13 sections

New sections:

  • Draw precise circular shape: Assistant Tool
  • One point perspective
  • Three point perspective
  • Different shades for each stroke
  • Smooth Corners: Vector Shape
  • Prevent layer to be changed accidentally
  • Smooth Zoom
  • Claw scratch stroke: Mouse
  • Multiple views into the same image
  • Thicken existing strokes
  • Layers mass export
  • Add Gradient Over Text
  • Quick Line tool
  • Re-link File layer
  • Reset main window layout
  • Export selection for other projects
  • Convert text into raster
  • Rainbow brush
  • Dotted Pattern for another image
  • Image with frame template


New sections in Even More General Chapter

  • Color Blending with Digital Color Mixer
  • Select Similar Colors in Entire Image
  • Vector Shape: change size and position
  • Vector Shape: change Line/Stroke Color and Shape
  • Vector Shape: change Fill Color
  • Split Image to Pieces
  • Pixel Perfect Rectangular Selection
  • Simulate Brush Stroke on surface
  • Colorize each layer to have transparent pixels outside of the object
  • Ink Sketch with thick outline
  • Collapse layer group
  • Reference image from clipboard
  • Convert selection to shape
  • Bar plot with vector layers
  • Keep filter settings as preset
  • Undo Polyline and Polygon Tool Node
  • Shading with Colorize Mask
  • Export with transparent background
  • Merge points in a vector shape
  • Maintain aspect ratio while transforming


  • How to read chapter now has example of focus blocks as a small triangles (useful for tight UI elements)
  • Improved tagging system for sections


Even More General Chapter

  • Add Modify Rectangular selection
  • Add Configure pressure sensitivity
  • Add Reorder Reference Images
  • Add Brush Custom Icon
  • Add Transparent Background Change
  • Add Make color transparent
  • Add Fill the canvas with pattern
  • Add Rotate selection by a specific angle
  • Add Symmetric drawing
  • Add Round rectangle selection
  • Add Custom vector Library
  • Add Bar Plot on Paint Layer
  • Add Color Blending with Color Selector Tool
  • Add Mirror Selection
  • Add Desaturate set of layers: Non-Destructive
  • Add Import Brush from GIMP
  • Add Fade Out Circle
  • Add Clipping Mask without Object behind
  • Add Smart Object
  • Add Move Layers without Layers Docker


Even More General Chapter

  • Add Two point perspective
  • Add Quickly colorize line art drawing
  • Add Undo last point in path stroke
  • Add Edit multiple copies of the same object
  • Add Clones Array: repetitive drawings
  • Add Neon light
  • Add Template Image
  • Add Group colors on palette
  • Add Clone Object from one image to another
  • Add Non Destructive Comic Panel
  • Add Calligraphic writing
  • Add Erase mode to not impact brush
  • Add Flower frame with animated brush
  • Add Draw parallel lines
  • Add Round rectangle: Paint Layer
  • Add Spiky manga thought balloon
  • Add Change color of the object by masking it out
  • Add Select Color by RGB value
  • Add Save Image to File
  • Add Increase Brush Palette Size


  • Initial document version, basic structure

General Chapter

  • Add New Image
  • Add New Image with Empty Layers
  • Add Close Image
  • Add Fill the canvas with color
  • Add Mesh Gradient
  • Add Wrap Shape Around Object
  • Add Clean area outside the canvas
  • Add Fill layer with gradient that can be edited later
  • Add Remove empty slots on custom color palette
  • Add Export palette to a file
  • Add Tile painting
  • Add Procedural Fill layer with SeExpr
  • Add Rule of thirds guides
  • Add Clipping mask
  • Add Isolate layer without hiding it
  • Add Brushtip with different stamps
  • Add Rotate Brush Towards Drawing Direction
  • Add Draw as if holding multiple pencils
  • Add Clone the same object all the time
  • Add Add and use reference images