La-Der : Krita Plugin

La-Der, shortened layer adder. Is a handy  flying docker that allows creating new layers within one click.

The layers include

  • Paint Layer
  • Group Layer
  • Clone Layer
  • Vector Layer
  • Filter Layer
  • Fill Layer
  • File Layer

Expanded with Masks:

  • Transparency Mask
  • Filter Mask
  • Colorize Mask
  • Transform Mask
  • Local Selection

Added configuration. Configurations include:

  • Set docker to be vertical or horizontal
  • Set docker to be visible or not
  • Reset docker location
  • Set the docker to be extended or not (includes masks)

Plugin version: v0.3
The plugin was designed for Krita 4.4.8 and was tested on Windows 10. However, given that plugin is Python-based it should work on other platforms too. The plugin goes with a small guide on how to use all the features.