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Welcome! I am YetAnotherPainter. I am a software engineer/data scientist/artist. Combining all these skills my goal is to prove creators with assets to make their life simpler. Assets include 2d game assets, textures, 3d models, software and plugins, and learning materials.

Krita Secrets

“Krita Secrets” is a book that aims to deliver small short tutorials. Each tutorial covers one specific action with a result. Hopefully with help of this book artists would spend more time creating than digging online to figure out how things should be done.

The tutorials range from how to do little tricks like drawing Parallel Lines to complex tools such as Gradient Mesh.

This book will be the only place to search for how to do tricks with Krita.

Learn more.

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Krita Plugins

Plugins by YetAnotherPainter are aimed to fulfill everyday tasks, automate clicking routines, and speed up artists’ workflow.

The plugins are for any level of skill from beginner to professional.

Game Assets

YetAnotherPainter is not limited to Krita. Aiming to help creators I also provide Game assets for making video games.

2d Assets range from characters to tilesets. You can make an RPG game or space top-down shooter.

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